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Had an Accident Abroad?

When an injury happens whilst you are on holiday, you not only suffer pain and discomfort but it also sours the well-deserved break you have been looking forward to. Claiming compensation may seem too problematic if the accident happened abroad, but it is more straightforward if you booked through a package tour operator.

Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Wrexham were recently able to help a gentleman claim  compensation for an accident abroad.

The 30 year old father was enjoying a package family holiday with his wife and two children at a hotel in France. While walking along the side of the hotel swimming pool to supervise his children, he caught his foot in a hole caused by a missing tile and fell. The gentleman sustained a deep laceration to his knee and soft tissue damage. A member of the hotel staff administered first aid at the scene and was very attentive, but his injuries left him unable to walk or swim without pain for the rest of the holiday.

During his stay at the hotel, the gentleman learnt that other guests had suffered similar injuries on the same site. The hotel were well aware of the hazard but failed to take any steps to correct it, or prevent it happening again.

When he returned home, the gentleman came to see one of our expert personal injury lawyers. Under the Package Tour Regulations 1992, personal injury claims can be made in relation to flights, transfers and accommodation provided by package tour operators based in the UK. We successfully negotiated compensation for personal injuries and loss of enjoyment from the package tour company.