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Civil Partnership Dissolution

The breakdown of a relationship is always upsetting and often stressful for both parties, which is why our family lawyers provide a professional service together with an understanding approach and can help you if you are thinking about ending your civil partnership.

Our extensive experience of helping clients end their civil partnerships means we can assist with every aspect – from an initial consultation to see if matters can in any way be resolved and dissolution avoided, through to advising on financial orders and arrangements for residence of any children.

Grounds For Civil Partnership Dissolution

As with divorce, civil partnership dissolution is by Court Order and either partner can apply to end the partnership one year after the partnership was registered.

To file a dissolution petition, you need to prove 1 of 4 conditions:

  • Unreasonable behaviour - You need to show your partner has behaved unreasonably, and actions can include physical abuse, verbal abuse or adultery.
  • Lived apart for 2 years and both agree - You and your partner have been separated for at least 2 years and you both agree to end the partnership.
  • Desertion of 2 years - Your partner has left you for more than 2 years without your agreement.
  • Lived apart for 5 years - You and your partner have been separated for at least 5 years.

The Process For Civil Partnership Dissolution

Every civil partnership is different and so is every case of civil partnership dissolution we handle. All sorts of factors dictate whether the process is quick or lengthy, easy or difficult, although we always work hard to minimise stress and achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.

As a guide, the process usually contains 3 distinct sections:

  • You file for a dissolution petition to the court together with your reasons.
  • You apply for a Conditional Order. If your partner disagrees, you can still apply for this order but will need to go to court at a later date for a hearing.
  • You apply for a Final Order. After receiving your Conditional Order, you need to wait 6 weeks and then you can apply for a Final Order, which legally ends your civil partnership.

How Our Family Lawyers Can Help

We understand the issues same-sex couples face when their relationships break down. We have the legal knowledge, practical experience and sensitive approach to provide you with the support you need during this emotionally difficult time.

Working quickly to establish the details of your particular situation, and the reasons for wanting to end your civil partnership, we can then advise you on everything you need to know. This includes advice regarding any children you and your partner may have, your finances and property as well as pension and maintenance matters.

Our family lawyers are experienced mediators and are usually able to help clients dissolve their civil partnerships via an out-of-court agreement. However, should it be necessary for you to go to court, we will guide you at every stage of the process to minimise your stress and maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.

You are our main priority and we will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you during and following the dissolution of your civil partnership.

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