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Notary Services

We have professionally qualified notaries in our Chester office based on Hoole Road who are able to handle every aspect of the certification of legal documents and information for use overseas.

Notaries are internationally acknowledged as being independent and skilled to certify documents and a large number in England and Wales are also solicitors.

Our notarial services cover the verification of documents bound for international use as well as a wide range of information and transactions that need authentication such as those involved in the ownership of overseas properties.

How Our Notaries Work

We have extensive experience of providing notarial services to our clients on documents used abroad, including for Power of Attorney documents, corporate papers, property transactions, and company contracts. Such documents may have been prepared by overseas solicitors and we are happy to work with a client whose documents have been prepared by a solicitor in another country.

Depending on the document and level of certification needed, our notaries can come to you to sign the paperwork.

In addition to verifying documents, we can advise on any further requirements, including whether your documents need to be apostilled or if legalisation is required.

The Notarial Process

Although many notaries are solicitors, the work is mainly to do with matters abroad and the procedures are completely different. For your total peace of mind, we always discuss the matter with clients before we provide a notarial service to ensure we have all the information we need and can fully manage expectations.

The majority of foreign countries ask for further verification of the document in addition to certification by the notary:

  • Apostillisation – often documents need to be “apostilled” (the credentials, signature and seal of the notary are checked) by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Legalisation – a number of countries require further endorsement of the documents by the country’s embassy in the UK

How We Can Help

Our notaries work closely with clients on a range of documents for use overseas, from information relating to corporate matters and businesses abroad through to a Power of Attorney and the management of international properties.

We understand the processes involved and are able to advise you at the outset and throughout to keep matters as straightforward and swift as possible for you.

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To discuss your documentation needs with a specialist notary, and for professional advice on the level of certification required, contact Bartletts Solicitors today on Freephone 0800 988 3674, email or click the blue button below to make an online enquiry. You can also or drop into our office at Martins Bank Chambers, 31 Hoole Road, Chester, CH2 3NF.

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