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Waitress Recovers Loss Of Earnings After Broken Pane Cuts Through Wrist Nerve

Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester recently helped a waitress win compensation for loss of earnings and rehabilitation costs after she suffered a deep laceration to her wrist following her boyfriend’s landlord’s failure to fix the broken pane in a glass door.

The 27-year-old was a lawful visitor in her boyfriend’s flat, which he rented from his local council, when she forgot the glass was broken and went to open the door, putting her arm through the broken pane and sustaining a deep cut to her right wrist.

The broken glass cut through her ulnar nerve in her wrist, causing severe pain and mobility restrictions. It required decompression of the nerve and a carpel tunnel decompression, and left her with scarring on her wrist from the glass and from the surgery. She also suffered minor psychological trauma.

The boyfriend had previously informed the council that the glass in the door was broken. The council’s policy is to perform temporary repairs within 24 hours and to then prioritise a full repair. However, no temporary repair had been carried out within 24 hours.

As she already knew about the broken pane in the door, liability was shared between her and her boyfriend’s landlord. Our personal injury lawyers in Chester successfully argued that the council had failed to take the necessary action to repair the glass in the door and were therefore partly responsible for the accident – the quick resolution regarding liability meant rehabilitation plans were put in place quickly, helping the lady to recover from her injuries.

Thankfully she recovered well enough to return to work, although her wrist remains scarred.

Bartletts personal injury solicitors helped the lady secure the outcome she deserved, and she was awarded compensation for her injury, rehabilitation costs, loss of earnings and care needs.

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