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£7,000 compensation for the extraction of the wrong tooth

While many of us feel nervous about going to the dentist, we usually expect to feel better after the visit is over. For one lady who came to see Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester this was not the case, after it was discovered that the dentist had extracted the wrong tooth.

The lady had been suffering from ongoing tooth pain for over a year and had been receiving treatment under the care of her dentist. To manage the condition the dentist had prescribed antibiotics four times in that same period. When the lady returned for her fifth consultation and reported that the pain had not eased, an x-ray was taken and revealed that there was no option but to have the tooth extracted. Reluctantly she agreed, and the tooth was removed under anaesthetic.

In the days following the extraction, and allowing for recovery from the procedure, the lady was surprised that there was no improvement in the tooth pain. She grew increasingly concerned that something was wrong and so decided to get a second opinion from her local dental hospital. They took another x-ray of her mouth and discovered that the wrong tooth had been pulled out.

The dentist who had carried out the extraction had returned to his home country and the lady thought that she would not be able to make a claim for medical negligence. So it was not until two-and-a-half years later that she came to see one of our personal injury specialists.

In cases where a dentist is working for a dental practice on a self-employed basis, they are responsible for their own insurance and the liability of the practice can be limited. As the dentist could not be traced, our solicitors wisely contacted the General Dental Council and presented the lady’s case. They were able to indemnify the claim against the dentist and awarded the lady with a total of £7,000 in compensation for pain and suffering and enabling her to receive tooth replacement implants throughout her life.

There is a strict time limit which applies to all personal injury claims. If you think that you may be eligible to make a claim, you should seek legal advice immediately.