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Slips, Trips & Falls Compensation

Understanding Your Rights

We all know that accidents are unfortunately a part of everyday life and many of us fall or trip occasionally, often thankfully without injuring ourselves. However, if you’ve experienced a personal injury because of a slip, trip or fall that was not your fault, you may be able to claim for compensation.

There are numerous causes of slips, trips and falls. These include poor lighting, unexpected obstacles in your path, uneven or wet floors, poor paving, poor maintenance or snow/ice that hasn’t been cleared when it should have been.

It’s important to establish the cause of your personal injury following your fall, and to identify if an organisation is to blame. Premises such as offices, restaurants and shops, as well as local councils and landlords have a duty of care to make sure sufficient measures are taken to prevent accidents.

If this has not been your experience, we are here to help you. Our professional knowledge and experience ensures we’ll work quickly to find the cause of your accident and personal injury, so we can then advise you on the best options open to you including whether you have a right to make a claim for slips, trips and falls compensation.

Should you decide to make a claim, we’ll support and advise you throughout the process to minimise the stress and maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Types Of Slips, Trips and Falls Claims

The severity of a slip or trip varies as much as the cause itself, but can often result in back injuries, head injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries or wrist injuries.

Types of slips, trips and falls cases we’ve helped individuals with, include:

  • Work-based slips and trips
  • Slips, trips and falls in a public place
  • Falls and trips in rented accommodation
  • Slips and falls in shops and restaurants

How To Claim For Slips, Trips and Falls Compensation

Personal injuries following slips, trips and falls can be serious and even life-changing. It may be that an organisation’s failure to enact their responsibilities caused your accident and if this is the case, we are here to help you make a claim.

When you contact our specialist slips and trips claims team, we’ll discuss the details of your fall, including how and when it happened, as well as your personal injuries. This way, we’ll be able to quickly determine if you fell because of an organisation’s negligence – the local council failing to keep the pavements free from defects, for example, or a restaurant failing to make the premises suitably safe by leaving unexpected obstacles off the floor.

Our personal approach means we will work closely with you at every stage of the claims process, should you decide to make a claim. In addition to securing compensation for your suffering, inconvenience and medical costs, we will ensure you receive the necessary medical treatment and are compensated for any other losses due to your injuries such as loss of income.

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