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Agricultural Law

Bartletts Solicitors Agricultural lawBeing at the heart of one of England’s biggest agricultural communities, Bartletts Solicitors Chester offices agricultural law teams are well-placed to advise landowners, farmers and farm tenants on rural issues. We’re here to help you through landlord and tenant issues, the creation of farm tenancies, applications for succession of farm tenancies, farming subsidies and to help mitigate the impact of capital gains tax and inheritance tax upon agricultural assets and property.

Bartletts Solicitors Nicholas Street, Chester and 31 Hoole Road, Chester offices have a dedicated agricultural law team with extensive expertise in farming issues and estates law. Whether you’re new to farming or have worked the land for generations, our solicitors in Chester can advise you on contract farming arrangements, farm business tenancies and share farming arrangements.

With activities in the countryside becoming increasingly diverse and regulated, we are well equipped to deal with the many varied and ever-changing factors that affect those who live on and work the land. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with any of the following issues:

  • Agricultural Law
  • Farm Business and 1986 Act Tenancies
  • Contract Farming/Share Farming agreements
  • Quota transfers
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Planning succession to farms
  • Conversion of redundant buildings and barns and tax consequences
  • Environmental Law Issues
  • Granting options for building land

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