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Animal Attack Personal Injury Claims

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a personal injury following an animal attack and the attack happened as the result of the animal owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Dog attack claims are the most common type of animal attack claims, although personal injuries can be caused by smaller domestic animals too and often the injuries are just as serious.

Owners have a legal duty to make sure their animals are not dangerously out of control when in public places and to take measures to prevent them from making unprovoked attacks.

If the animal in question has a history of aggressive behaviour and not enough action was taken to keep the public safe, you may have a right to make a claim for animal attack compensation. We will work with you to establish the cause of your personal injury and whether the owner of the animal was negligent or not.

If the animal that caused your injury is insured, claiming compensation is usually straightforward. However, even if the dog or animal is uninsured we can still help you make a claim and will provide the necessary legal support for this scenario.

We have the specialist legal knowledge and experience to support you throughout the entire claims process, should you decide to make a claim. Our personal injury solicitors have a proven track-record of wining the maximum compensation for clients, and will work hard to win you the compensation you deserve.

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What Can You Claim Compensation For?

Every animal attack claim is different and the level of compensation you may be able to claim depends on your personal injuries as well as the impact the injuries have had on your life.

As a guide, however, your claim could include compensation for some or all of the following:

  • Personal injuries
  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation and treatment
  • Loss of earnings
  • Damaged clothing or other items

Why Make A Claim?

By making a personal injury claim, you should receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries as well as any pain, loss of earnings, or medical and rehabilitation costs you’ve experienced.

All animal owners have a legal obligation to ensure their animals are not dangerously out of control and if you’ve been injured as a result of an owner’s negligence, making a claim could mean preventing other individuals suffering a similar attack by the animal.

How To Make An Animal Attack Claim

We offer a professional yet friendly and empathetic approach when it comes to animal attack claims, and will work closely with you to ensure the process is as stress-free and financially risk-free as possible.

Our free initial consultation will ensure our specialist claims solicitors understand the full details of your animal attack so we can advise you on whether you have a case to claim compensation. If you do, we will provide tailored advice and support at every stage of the claims process to maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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