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Motorbike And Cycling Accidents

Understanding Your Rights To Claim Compensation

Road traffic accidents can have life-changing consequences for victims, especially for motorcyclists and cyclists who are more vulnerable on the roads than many other drivers.

However, bike riders have just as much right as other vehicle drivers to feel safe when in transit, whether riding for work or pleasure, and if you’ve suffered a personal injury because of a motorbike or cycling accident that wasn’t your fault you could be entitled to compensation.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors will work swiftly to establish the cause and find proof that it wasn’t your fault, as well as provide total support throughout your compensation claim.

Types Of Motorbike And Cycling Accident Claims

Unfortunately there are many factors that can cause motorbike and cycling accidents, although the consequences are nearly always serious because of the vulnerability of the rider on the road.

It may be that a pedestrian stepped out in front of you, causing you to swerve and crash; your bike hit a pot hole in the road; or a car simply didn’t see you at a junction and knocked you off your bike – regardless of the scenario, if your personal injuries were caused by a road traffic accident that was not your fault, you may be able to claim for compensation.

Types of cycling and motorbike accident related injuries include:

  • Head injuries
  • Whiplash-like injuries
  • Fractures
  • Psychological injuries

How To Claim For Motorbike And Cycling Accidents Compensation

The first step in any personal injury claim arising from a bike accident is to establish that your injuries happened through no fault of your own but rather through an individual’s or a company’s negligence. Then an assessment of your injuries is necessary to understand the severity of your accident and its likely impact on your life, physically, emotionally and financially.

Make sure you speak to a specialist solicitor straightaway if you think you might be entitled to compensation for your road traffic accident. The No Win No Fee system was changed on 1 April 2013 and there is now a financial risk involved in making a claim, however if your personal injuries happened because of a third party’s negligence we will support you at every step of the way to secure you the compensation you deserve.

It’s worth remembering too, that a claim is made against the insurance company, not the individual driver. If the driver has no insurance or left the scene of the accident, a claim is made through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), and if hazards in the road such as pot holes caused the accident, a claim can be brought against the Highways Agency or Local Authority.

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