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Accidents at Work

If It Happens To You, Someone’s On Your Side.

Accidents are a fact of life. They happen. But they’re not always your fault. If the organisation you work for hasn’t taken reasonable care to protect you from an accident while you’re at work and you’re injured in any way, you could be entitled to compensation.

The legislation is there to protect you.

Of course, there are plenty of health and safety regulations to protect you when you’re at work. These are just a few of the areas covered by legislation:-

  • Safety equipment
  • The state of your workplace
  • Machinery and specialised equipment
  • Working at heights
  • Health & safety training
  • General working conditions

Much of the legislation is highly complex and it’s not uncommon for an employer to fail to comply with certain aspects of the health and safety code. If this is the case and you’re injured in the course of work, then there’s a very good chance you could have a case for compensation.

If the worst should happen, be prepared.

If you do have an accident, it’s vital to take prompt action in order to maximise your chances of making a successful claim. Most companies will have an accident report book, so make sure all incidents are recorded, even minor incidents, as this may be useful if there is a more serious accident later.  You should ensure that the details recorded in the accident report book are as accurate as possible.

It will also be useful to take photographs of the incident scene and any injuries sustained. If you have medical staff at your company, or if there is a personnel responsible for handling accidents, arrange to see them at the first possible opportunity. Of course, if you need medical treatment from your doctor or from an emergency department, make sure this is all documented.

The right solicitor could make all the difference.

When it comes to making your claim, not all solicitors are the same. Here at Bartletts Solicitors, we have a team of specialists that have worked on hundreds of cases of accidents at work. They have the experience to ensure your greatest chance of success and make sure you have all the advice you need throughout the process to obtain the best possible outcome.

How much can I claim?

How much you get will depend on many factors, which is why it’s so important to have a solicitor that specifically qualified in handling accidents at work. Clearly, more severe injuries demanding the most aftercare will warrant larger payouts. However, if your lifestyle is affected, for example, if you receive an injury that affects a hobby or favourite pastime, then you may be entitled to a bigger payout.

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