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Development Options for Farm Land

Bartletts have long expertise in the highly specialised area of development options for farm land. It is essential for a Farmer or Land Owner to take legal advice concerning the content of any written document concerning his or her land, and in particular, development options which a builder might seek.

Bartletts work as a team with your Surveyor and Valuer to work out the best formula for pricing the land if permission is forthcoming in the future. Many difficult issues need to be addressed when drafting these options as they form a framework whereby in certain circumstances such as the grant of the planning permission, the Builder or Developer can force the Farmer to sell his land at the price to be decided upon by reference to the formula set out in the Option document.

Bartletts would suggest that as soon as you are approached by a Builder or Developer then you should immediately approach Bartletts and outline the proposals that have been put forward.

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