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Protecting Your Property Rights – As A Landlord And Tenant

In business, property investments are important as they have the potential to enhance or hinder your business transactions – whether you’re the landlord or tenant.

You need to be protected by the law but also act within the law in the conduct of your business affairs. Having the right lease and contract in place, with all the necessary legal documents, will reduce the risk of future issues arising and mean you’re legally protected should any problems arise at a later date.

This applies to both landlords and tenants in the making and taking of a lease, as it should represent your business and your needs, whether you are the commercial property owner or renting the property as a commercial tenant.

How Can Landlords And Tenants Protect Themselves?

As a landlord, you need a tenancy agreement in place that covers you for any potential issues with your tenant. As you can’t know at the outset how your tenant will behave in the future, the terms of the lease should be professionally drafted, detailed and relevant, as well as transparent for all – and be packed full of the relevant information, for example on rent, lease termination and tenant responsibilities. You want to be protected legally from the outset, and know you have maximum legal cover should you ever need it.

As a tenant, you should check the proposed lease thoroughly before signing, as you want to clarify what business transactions you can and can’t carry out from the property, whether any restrictions are in place, what the rules of rent are, what your responsibilities are in terms of maintenance, and what your rights are as a tenant. Make sure you have the legal protection in place before commencing a commercial property rental.

What Do Commercial Property Solicitors Do?

Commercial property solicitors provide advice and guidance to landlords and tenants, to ensure the lease is straightforward, informative, relevant and legally protective for the appropriate party. They are also able to help when things go wrong, including negotiating new contract terms and handling difficult tenants.

As a guide, commercial property solicitors can help with:

  • Drafting leases
  • Assigning leases
  • Managing leases
  • Renewing leases
  • Amending leases
  • Negotiating the terms of leases
  • Terminating leases early
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

How We Can Help

Our commercial property solicitors have extensive experience of supporting clients in all commercial property transactions and across every property type, including offices, warehouses, industrial and retail. We are able to provide professional services on all aspects of landlord and tenant transactions.

With our professional help, you will be assisted and supported in all your business transactions, protected by the law within the lease, and be free to conduct your business within the law for the duration of the lease – whether you are the landlord or tenant.

To speak to one of our professional commercial property solicitors or to find out more about the services we provide, contact us on 0800 988 3674 or email