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Accident at work

At Bartletts our specialist personal injury solicitors in Wrexham meet lots of people who have been involved in an accident at work. We understand that making a personal injury claim against your employer requires sensitive handling, especially if you plan to continue working within the same organisation.

When a factory worker tripped over a wire at work, our experienced lawyers successfully secured compensation for her and she returned to work just three weeks later.

The 35-year-old production operative was working at her station on the conveyor belt, when she tripped over a wire that was connected to a printer. The lady fell to the ground, banging her head and back on the concrete floor.

The lady was taken to the accident and emergency department of her local hospital. She had suffered a chronic mechanical lower back injury where her lumber spine was damaged. She was prescribed strong painkillers that she needed to take for three months following the accident, and she was unable to work for three weeks.

All employers should have employers liability insurance in place to cover accidents at work. Bartletts quickly and efficiently helped the lady claim compensation from her employer’s insurance company. This included compensation for pain and suffering as well as an additional amount of compensation for loss of earnings.