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Bartletts Chester Helps Local Woman Win Compensation For Respiratory Symptoms Due To Unfit Housing

The personal injury specialists at Bartletts Chester office recently helped a local cleaner to secure compensation for respiratory symptoms, which had been caused by living in unfit housing conditions for two years.

The 42-year old cleaner had been living in the below-standard property with damp and mould, that ruined many of her clothes and made her susceptible to chest infections, coughs and colds during the winter months.

As a result, she suffered from respiratory symptoms far more frequently than the average person experiences winter coughs and colds.

Luckily, she decided to use the personal injury services available from the Bartletts Chester office, and the team was able to use the photos of the damp house that the client had taken as evidence. She also had been in touch with her GP, despite self-medicating for her symptoms, and there was a record of her ailments as a result. Although there was no evidence she had complained to her landlord, the landlord had failed to comply with housing protocol and was at fault for not doing so.

The personal injury specialists at Bartletts Chester helped her to successfully claim compensation for her respiratory symptoms caused by unfit housing, as well as for damaged clothing and possessions.

In addition to the compensation, she was moved to new accommodation and no longer suffers the symptoms caused by her previous unfit home.

Our experienced property solicitors have handled all types of claims against landlords for disrepair and are here to help you if you’ve suffered an illness or injury, stress or loss, due to property disrepair and want to make a claim for compensation.

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