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Bartletts evidence wins personal injury court case

If you are trying to make a claim for compensation for personal injury and the person at fault is denying liability, it is important that you instruct the help of a specialist personal injury solicitor if your case goes to trial.

Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester recently helped a man whose finger was crushed in a bar and the bar owner denied liability, win his case at court. Bartletts were at his side throughout the trial to ensure he received the compensation he deserved.

On Christmas Eve, the 33-year-old man and his partner and friend had gone to a wine bar for drinks to celebrate the festivities. He left his friends to use the bathroom which had a sash window that had been opened for ventilation. As it was very cold, the man went to close the window. He pulled down on the window but it suddenly rushed down, trapping the man’s hand and crushing the middle finger of his right hand.

The crush injury to his finger was so severe that he had to have surgery. Then, due to unforeseen complications post-surgery, he contracted an infection in his nail bed. He had to have a further operation to remove the nail bed, followed by treatment for the infection.

When the man came to see one of Bartletts expert personal injury solicitors in Chester, he was still suffering from stiffness in his finger and minor reduced grip. Our solicitors established that the owners of the bar were at fault as the window was defective. However, the bar owners denied liability for the incident and the case went to trial.

During the trial, the bar owners claimed that signs were displayed by the window to warn people of the risk. However, our lawyers were well prepared and presented photographs of the offending window immediately after the incident, showing no signage. From this fundamental evidence, the judge found that the window was defective and the bar owners had failed to put up signs, so ruled in favour of our client. The man was awarded a significant sum of compensation for personal injury and associated out of pocket expenses.

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