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Bartletts Solicitors help pensioner injured on bus gain compensation

Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester recently helped an elderly lady secure compensation for personal injuries after she was thrown into a metal bar on a single decker bus.

Many accidents happen on buses in the UK that do not involve any other vehicles.  In these cases, the bus itself receives no damage, but passengers can still suffer serious injuries, particularly if drivers do not ensure all passengers are safe before setting off.

This was the case for one 83-year-old lady who was making a journey on a single decker bus.  The woman had just got onto the bus and decided to take a seat on the sideways facing folding seat behind the driver.  As she went to sit down, the driver suddenly pulled away, throwing the woman forwards.  She struck the left side of her forehead on the metal bar adjacent to the wheelchair area, smashing her glasses, then fell into the aisle of the bus.

The lady, who was in considerable pain and shock, was taken to the local hospital for treatment.  She suffered contusions, swelling and bruising to her forehead, across the bridge of her nose and beneath her eyes, as well as pain in her right shoulder, neck and mid-back.  The accident also exacerbated her pre-existing lower back pain, caused severe headaches and a reduced sleep pattern.

When the lady came to see one of our specialist personal injury lawyers in Chester, she was still experiencing back pain.  The lady needed to have a course of injections into her lower back to help ease the ongoing pain.  She was also suffering from flashbacks relating to the incident and had since become anxious about going on a bus for fear of similar accidents occurring.

Our solicitors worked hard to establish a claim for compensation from the bus company’s insurance provider.  We were able to secure the woman significant compensation for personal injuries, compensation for care and assistance, and we even recovered the cost of a new pair of glasses.