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Bartletts Solicitors help restaurant scald victim win compensation

Restaurants owe their customers a duty of care to make sure they are safe on the premises, which extends to the fixtures and fittings as well as all the equipment that is used.

If a customer is injured on the premises, due to an oversight or lack of care, then the duty of care has been breached and the restaurant owners can be held responsible.

Bartletts experienced personal injury lawyers in Chester recently helped a 20-year-old lady who had been scalded in a Mexican restaurant quickly establish liability for her injuries and win compensation for her injuries.

The lady was visiting the restaurant with a group of friends and ordered a meal usually served on a hot skillet at the table. When her meal arrived she touched the handle of the skillet, which did not have the customary protective wooden handles, and burnt her hand.

Having suffered extensive blistering to her fingers and thumb, and heat sensitivity for over a year, the lady sought advice from one of our specialist personal injury solicitors.

We were able to seamlessly handle her personal injury claim, getting the restaurant to quickly admit their liability and settle a claim for compensation with their insurance company.