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Bartletts Solicitors recover private dental costs for broken tooth

Did you know that if you need any medical (or dental) treatment after an accident and you do not use the NHS, you may be able to reclaim the cost of private treatment as part of your claim for personal injuries?

This is just what happened when an office worker tripped and lost a tooth at work; Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Wrexham helped her recover private dental costs and get the compensation she deserved to ensure that she can continue to receive ongoing private dental care in the future.

The accident happened at work when the 28-year-old receptionist was on her way to the printer from her desk, a journey she had made hundreds of times, when she tripped on a cable and fell over. The electric cable was connected from the computer to the printer and was a known hazard in the office, as other workers had tripped on it before but had not been injured.

The receptionist fell to the floor, landing hard on her knees and striking her front teeth on the corner of a desk as she fell. She was in a lot of pain, there was a lot of blood from her mouth and she was significantly distressed to see part of her tooth fall out.

The young lady went straight to see her private dentist, who carried out an emergency dental repair to her tooth and advised that she will need future repair or replacement of the tooth every 10 to 15 years. She also went to see her GP about her knee and was referred for a course of physiotherapy to help her regain full movement.

When she came to see Bartletts personal injury lawyers in Wrexham, we contacted the employer on her behalf and they quickly admitted responsibility for the accident. Our lawyer then arranged for dental reports to assess the long-term prognosis before starting to negotiate a settlement figure for compensation for personal injuries.

In light of the receptionists age Bartletts were able to negotiate a significant lump sum of compensation to cover her private dental costs to date and for the future, as well as compensation for pain and suffering and loss of amenity.

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