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Bartletts Solicitors Win Compensation For Injured Fitter

Did you know your employer has a legal duty to keep you safe while you’re at work? And if there are safety failures that result in injuries for you, you can claim for compensation?

When a 50-year-old fitter was hurt when a wooden board in his factory fell on him, he came to Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester for help. We were able to quickly establish that his employer was liable and worked hard to ensure he received the compensation he deserved.

The wooden board should not have been able to fall on him in the first place. These boards are usually held upright by a metal chain and hook, and used for workers to stand on to work on the next level.

When the board fell, it damaged the man’s soft tissue in his neck, mid and lower back, and left shoulder, and lead to him struggling to sleep afterwards. He suffered from situational anxiety because of the accident and felt a need to avoid being close to the wooden boards at work as he feared they would fall on him again.

Bartletts personal injury lawyers contacted his employer to arrange for controlled and graded exposure to the boards he feared since the accident. We requested a minimum of 3 separate 60-90-minute sessions per week for him, preferably in a quiet part of the factory.

Alongside this exposure, he had 6 sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and as a result of both initiatives he’s been able to face his fear and return to work.

To help him on his road to recovery, we were able to secure him compensation for his personal injury, loss of earnings and CBT therapy.

If you think you’ve been affected as the result of an accident at work, it’s important you start the claims process as soon as possible. Contact the Bartletts team immediately on Freephone 0800 988 3674, or Chester 01244 405 399 or Wrexham 01978 360056 or email .