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Bartletts Solicitors in Wrexham help pensioner injured in department store

Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Wrexham recently helped an elderly gentleman who tripped over in a department store make a claim for compensation for personal injuries against the store.

The 75-year-old man was shopping in his local department store when he tripped over a stock trolley which a staff member had left in the aisle.  The member of staff was replacing stock on the shelves but had neglected to ensure the trolley was in a safe place, instead leaving it dangerously hidden around a corner.

Unfortunately, the gentleman did not spot the trolley until it was too late and tripped over it, falling to the floor.  The man injured his wrist in the fall and was left with bad bruising to his face.  He was taken to hospital where his wrist was x-rayed and he was administered pain relief.

By the time the gentleman came to see our expert personal injury solicitors in Wrexham, the damage to his wrist and face had settled, with no permanent or ongoing damage.

As the department store staff had not followed health and safety regulations, and this had led to the gentleman’s injury, our lawyer helped the pensioner make a claim against the store for compensation for personal injuries and compensation for care and assistance.