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Bartletts Wrexham Win Compensation For Injured School Boy

A school boy who was injured when he fell from his faulty bicycle has been awarded compensation after his parents made a claim with the help of Bartletts Wrexham.

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitor Owain Dodd at Bartletts Wrexham helped the 8-year-old boy’s parents with the compensation claim, after he was injured when riding his new bike for the first time.

The gears on the bike broke during the boy’s first ride on it, making it jolt suddenly and causing the boy’s feet to slip off the pedals and for him to fall from the bike.

He needed to be checked over at A&E for a wrist injury and cut to his chin. He was given Calpol for the pain and shock, and a dressing was applied to his chin. Fortunately, he did not suffer any long-term or ongoing injuries.

The bike had been incorrectly put together by the shop where it was bought from, and the gears hadn’t been fitted properly. Owain Dodd at Bartletts Wrexham enlisted an engineer to show exactly how the accident happened and to prove that the bike was defective when bought and that this was why the gears broke when first used.

To help the boy get back on his bike, Owain Dodd at Bartletts Wrexham was able to secure compensation for his personal injuries and to cover the costs of a replacement bike.

How To Make A Claim For Children's Accident Compensation

Our professional personal injury solicitors have the experience and personal approach to ensure the claims process is straightforward and as stress free as possible for you and your family. Aware of all related issues, we will provide support and guidance throughout, including obtaining medical and educational assessments to monitor the impact of your child’s injuries – now and ongoing into the future.