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Compensation awarded to motorcyclist

When a motorcyclist was left with significant physical and psychological injuries after an accident that was not his fault, our specialist personal injury lawyers in Chester helped him secure the compensation he deserved.

The 31 year old factory worker was making a routine journey on his motorcycle. As he made his way over a bridge, a car suddenly came from the opposite direction, cutting in front of him and forcing him to brake suddenly. The motorcyclist was propelled at speed off his vehicle and onto the road. His shoulder took the brunt of the fall.

The motorcyclists suffered significant cuts, bruises and soft tissue damage to his shoulder, ribs, neck and back. He needed physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment and also required extra care and assistance at home as his mobility was impaired by ongoing pain in his back. The motorcyclist also suffered significant psychological injuries from the accident. The shock of the accident meant the gentleman needed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as counselling sessions to recover.

When he came to see Bartletts’ experienced motorcycle personal injury lawyers, it was clear he was under a great deal of emotional, physical and financial strain. Responding with understanding and professionalism, we quickly set about gathering information about the accident and medical reports to help the motorcyclist make a claim for compensation.

Once he had undergone all suitable rehabilitation, Bartletts successfully secured compensation for personal injuries from the insurance company of the car driver. The settlement was made up of a sum for his injuries and a sum for expenses, including medical, travelling and care expenses, plus the cost of repairing his damaged motorcycle. A deserved result for our client, who had to go through a long three years of recovery until he could live life normally again.