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Compensation for apprentice’s accident at work

When an accident happens at work, whether you are a permanent or temporary employee or an apprentice, establishing the reason for the accident can help prevent other workers from being injured in the future.

One of the most common reasons for accidents at work is insufficient health and safety training. Employers are obliged by law to make sure that all their workers are properly trained and observe health and safety at work regulations and this is especially important for new recruits and apprentices.

This was not the experience of one young man who came to see Bartletts personal injury lawyers in Chester. He had been employed as an apprentice heavy goods vehicle (HGV) engineer but was not given any health and safety training or guidance before he started work.

The 25 year old apprentice was working in the pit, under the prop shaft of a HGV, when the prop fell on him injuring his right index finger. He was taken to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital where he was x-rayed and stitched. His right index finger had been crushed and his shoulder had been sprained under the weight of the shaft.

When he came to see one of our experienced personal injury solicitors the young man was still in considerable ongoing pain from his shoulder and had permanent scarring and a nail deformity to his right index finger. He had been unable to return to work following the accident.

Our specialist personal injury lawyer quickly established that there had been a breach of Health and Safety at Work, Manual Handling Regulations. The prop shaft should have been supported by two people at all times, which the apprentice did not know about. Bartlett’s successfully secured a settlement which included compensation for personal injuries and £1,000 compensation for loss of earnings from his employer, sending a message that health and safety at work should not be ignored.