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Compensation for child’s accident

Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester recently won compensation for personal injuries on behalf of a child who trapped his finger in the toilet door in a supermarket.

The boy, age 7, was accompanying his father to conduct their weekly grocery shop at their local supermarket when he asked to go to the toilet. The father asked a shop assistant and was told that the supermarket did not have any public toilets but the boy could use the staff toilets.

The boy was guided to the staff toilet, down a corridor, by a supervisor and allowed in on his own. There was a keypad on the door which meant that the boy, who did not know the code, could not open the door from within. The supervisor entered the code and pulled the door open trapping the boy’s finger in the hinge.

The boy was in considerable pain and his finger was bleeding profusely. His father immediately took him to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital where they discovered that flesh on the tip of his right index finger had been removed in the hinge. His finger was x-rayed but it was not fractured. The wound was dressed before he was discharged.

As well as suffering ongoing pain and distress caused by the accident, he was unable to use his hand for four weeks while the wound healed so his parents had to give him extra help to get dressed. The boy permanently lost the tip of his fingertip.

As children under 18 cannot make a legal claim, an adult, usually a parent, has to make the claim on their behalf. Bartletts expert personal injury solicitors helped the boy’s parents win compensation for personal injuries suffered. We were also able to claim compensation for parent’s loss of earnings to attend court hearings and claim compensation for gratuitous care delivered by his parents.