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Compensation for injuries after being trapped on a bus

When a daily bus journey turned into a nightmare for one elderly passenger, Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester were able to secure £3,600 in compensation for the trauma and personal injuries she suffered.

The 75 year old pensioner was boarding a public transport bus as part of her daily journey to visit her son. As she boarded the bus, the driver who was in conversation with another passenger pushed the button to close the automatic doors. The lady, who was unable to move out of the way quickly enough, was trapped by her shoulders in the closing doors.

The lady already suffered from chronic arthritis in her back and the bus injury had exacerbated her back condition, leaving her with soft tissue injuries, bruising and a jarred shoulder. When she came to see one of expert personal injury lawyers she was in a considerable amount of ongoing pain and had limited mobility.

Prior to the accident the lady visited her son everyday to look after him. Her son had a long-term medical condition that required daily care and assistance that was being provided by his elderly mother. Following the accident, due to her limited mobility, the lady was unable to continue providing care for her son.

Our specialist personal injury solicitor contacted the bus company’s insurance provider on the lady’s behalf and made a claim for compensation for the personal injuries she had suffered. We also made a claim for care and assistance for the lady and for her son.

Despite the fact that the lady had not been issued a bus ticket nor was there any CCTV footage of the incident, Bartletts skilfully negotiated a settlement covering compensation for personal injuries from the bus company’s insurers. The lady was referred for physiotherapy to get her back on the road to recovery and a carer was appointed to look after her son.