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Compensation for waitress knocked down by a car

When an accident leaves you unable to go to work, you may be able to make a claim for loss of earnings. This is what happened when our expert personal injury solicitors were recently able to secure compensation for loss of earnings for a woman who was hit by a car.

The woman, a waitress in her late twenties, was on her way to pick her child up from school. She was walking across a road when a car pulled out of a side street and went straight into her, knocking her to the ground.

The driver stopped and phoned the police and an ambulance.  The ambulance service denied response but the police arrived to assist.  Unfortunately, the police report was unfavourable as they supported the driver who said that the woman ran out into the road.  There were no witnesses to support the woman’s case and nothing more was done.

The lady came to Bartletts expert personal injury solicitors in Chester as she had been suffering from spinal injuries which were making it difficult for her to work.  She had been off work for two months because of the pain and had missed out on a promotion.

Our team organised for the waitress to see a spinal surgeon and a psychiatrist for medical reports.  An MRI scan of her back, neck and spine found that she had a prominent Schmorl’s node which the radiologist said was ‘likely to be trauma related’ and had been caused by the accident.

Our solicitors successfully made a claim against the driver’s insurance company for compensation for personal injury, compensation for loss of earnings, the cost of medical treatment and a course of cognitive behavioural therapy the woman was given.  The woman received £12,000 in compensation and luckily, after five to six year, she no longer suffers from spinal pain.