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Compensation when health and safety policies not followed

When a rope-maker fell and was injured at work, Bartletts personal injury lawyers helped him to climb back up the ladder of self-esteem and his claim for compensation for injuries.

The gentleman had only been working at a factory for a year when the accident happened. His job entailed loading the machines with twine and checking that they were operating correctly. Part of this procedure involved him climbing inside the machine, and it was whilst he was doing this one day, that he fell and cut his knee open. The machine was stopped and an ambulance was called to take him to the local hospital where he received stitches.

Following the accident, the gentleman decided not to return to work at the factory and this is when he came to see one of our experienced personal injury solicitors in Chester.

His employers claimed that his injuries had been self-inflicted as he had failed to follow the proper safety procedure for loading the machine. They alleged that he had been trained to use a safety harness to hoist himself down into the barrel instead of climbing into it. However, in practice, the gentleman had not received any training on the hoist and had been told by his line manager not to use it as it slowed down the loading process.

Bartletts fought for three years against the employer’s denial of liability and were preparing to go to court to present his case. However, just three days before the trial, the employer’s insurance company accepted liability and we successfully achieved a settlement for his compensation for personal injury.