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Divorce Rates Increase In January, Chester Solicitor Warns

Bartletts Solicitors is warning that January is the most common time for people to decide to petition for a divorce.

“The festive season might be fun but it can also be stressful and put married couples under a great deal of strain,” explains Nina Sperring, Solicitor at Bartletts Solicitors.

“Christmas is great but for some couples, who’ve perhaps already been struggling in their marriage for some time, it can be the final nail in the coffin for their relationship. Spending extra time with family, the cost of the festivities or wanting to see the festive season through for the sake of the children, is often the reason behind the upturn in divorce petitions in the weeks following Christmas.

“Each January, we see a big increase in the number of people in the Chester area seeking legal advice on divorce or separation, and unfortunately 2014 is set to be busy too.”

Bartletts Solicitors expects more people to seek divorce advice and legal support on making divorce petitions, in January, as this has been the company’s experience over the last few years.

“Statistics have shown that divorces now come from marriages of between six and ten years. This means that couples in a relatively new marriage, of less than ten years, may experience a marriage breakdown because of the strain this time of year puts people under

However, the Christmas period can also be incredibly positive for many married couples as it provides the opportunity to spend quality time together and work through any issues, hopefully meaning that divorce or separation is no longer necessary.

“Sometimes, though, marriage difficulties are irreparable and as stressful and upsetting as getting divorced can be it is recommended individuals seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. This is especially true when children are involved or for those over 50, as separating parents and people wanting a so-called silver divorce tend to need specialist guidance to ensure a satisfactory settlement.” Adds Nina

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