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Electric shock in accident at work at restaurant

When you are operating equipment at work, your employer is responsible for ensuring that everything is properly maintained and safe to use.

Workers in catering and hospitality industries are particularly susceptible to risks in the working environment, as they frequently handle cooking and food heating equipment at high temperatures and from different power sources.

When an employer neglects these responsibilities, an accident at work can be waiting to happen.

This was the case for one woman who came to see Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Wrexham.

The 35-year-old woman worked in a busy restaurant kitchen and was using an electric grill to cook food. Unfortunately, the equipment had not been properly maintained causing a wire to become exposed. The woman inadvertently touched the wire and received an electric shock.

The pain and surprise of the electric shock caused the woman to sharply jolt her arm away from the wire, which lead to pain up her arm and into her shoulder. The woman also experienced heart palpitations and suffered from shock from the traumatic experience.

The kitchen worker was rushed to hospital where an ECG monitor was used to check her heart. Once the doctors established that she was in a stable condition, she was discharged from hospital to rest and was given painkillers to ease the pain in her shoulder and arm. The woman had to take one week off work to recover.

When the woman came to see Bartletts expert personal injury solicitors in Wrexham, she was still suffering from pain in her shoulder. Our solicitors established that the woman’s employers were liable for the accident for failure to correctly maintain equipment, and successfully claimed against them for compensation for personal injuries and compensation for loss of earnings.

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