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Father awarded £10,000 compensation for loss of his son’s services

When a road traffic accident happens, there is often more than one person affected and they may each have a claim for compensation.

This is what happened to one gentleman who came to see one of Bartlett’s personal injury solicitors in Chester, who was awarded £10,000 compensation following the death of his adult son, as a passenger in a car collision.

The 76-year-old gentleman and his wife relied heavily on services provided by his son at weekends and each night of the week.  Both being elderly, the son provided his help for free and did many jobs around the house including DIY, shopping and tasks that his father was unable to carry out himself.  The son was a passenger in a head-on collision with another vehicle. An ambulance was called to the scene but unfortunately the son died.

When he came to see our expert personal injury solicitor, the father, who had limited mobility, had resorted to employing somebody else to help him with the work his son would have usually done for free for him, at considerable financial expense.

With our help, the father successfully made a dependency claim against the driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision with his son. The other driver’s insurance policy agreed a £10,000 compensation payment to the father for the extra expenses he was burdened with as a result of losing his son in the accident.