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Local Law Firm Stresses Importance Of Including Digital Assets In Wills

Chester-based law firm Bartletts Solicitors has stressed the importance of remembering digital assets when making a will, as it can be extremely difficult to deal with the loss of digital data.

Nowadays the majority of us store our personal and financial details online, including through our social network profiles, online bank accounts, music and video storage, photos, and email accounts. But what happens to all this information when you die.

To keep your digital assets safe and ensure they are accessible after you’ve passed away, it’s advisable to make a detailed will.

Nina Sperring, Solicitor at Bartletts Solicitors said: “We’ve experienced what can happen when clients don’t mention their digital assets when making their wills or inform their Executors of their digital assets, which is why we’re so keen to encourage people not to overlook this aspect of their lifetime planning.

“As well as the prospect of losing sentimental items, not taking care of your digital assets can makes things very tricky  and extremely stressful for loved ones – and at a particularly difficult time; when they’re coming to terms with their loss. It’s all too easy for passwords and access codes to die with the individual, meaning family members cannot access the online assets except through a Court Order in some cases.”

A survey recently highlighted the importance of remembering digital assets when making a will, as more than 25% of participants said they have irreplaceable photos and personal information stored online only.

“It is estimated that the UK has amassed over £2.3billion in digital assets,” added Nina. “And this is set to rise. While storing your assets online in a storage facility can help protect your details after you’ve passed away, this option can pose security risks in your lifetime.

“The best way to look after your digital assets in through making a watertight will.”

When making a will, it’s vital you receive the right legal advice for your situation and individual assets, including digital assets to ensure your information and personal details are accessible after your death.

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