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Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Nursing homes and care homes look after some of the most vulnerable members of our society, which is why they are legally required to provide high standards of care.

A lack of care or neglect in nursing homes can lead to residents suffering injury and illness, with sometimes fatal consequences.

Thankfully the majority of nursing homes do provide excellent care, ensuring the environment is safe and that qualified staff are always on hand to assist – but when residents are let down by poor practice, mistakes, lack of care and even abuse, care home neglect has devastating consequences.

Nursing homes have a duty of care by law and if residents are not cared for at an acceptable level, you may be able to pursue a nursing home negligence claim for the pain and anguish caused.

Nursing Home Neglect: Understanding Your Rights

Many individuals who live in a nursing home are elderly or frail or vulnerable with specific care needs due to physical disabilities, learning difficulties, or dementia. Every resident is reliant to a small, large or total extent on staff to take care of them and to help them with day-to-day activities including bathing, dressing, eating and taking medication. This is why care homes are heavily regulated to ensure the standards of care provided is high.

Loved ones should expect to be cared for by nursing homes and be kept happy, safe and comfortable whilst living there. If this has not been your experience, you should contact our experienced personal injury solicitors today for advice on making a nursing home negligence claim.

Nursing Home Neglect: Making A Negligence Claim

If a loved one has suffered as a result of neglect in a nursing home, we are here to help you claim compensation and secure for them the care they deserve.

Many nursing home accidents and injuries could have been prevented if the legal regulations had been adhered to. Our personal injury solicitors understand just how stressful and distressing making a negligence claim is, as the trust you gave the nursing home to provide the care to your relative has been broken.

We will work tirelessly to establish the evidence of neglect needed to support your case. And manage the whole claims process, providing advice and support for you and your family throughout.

Nursing Home Neglect: Types

Neglect in care homes ranges from a lack of supervision and care through to physical or psychological maltreatment.

Types of nursing home neglect include:

  • Incomplete care plan for the individual
  • Lack of staff on duty and poor supervision
  • Insufficient provision of food and drink
  • Medication errors
  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • Poor levels of hygiene
  • Failure to prevent bedsores
  • Incorrect handling of residents

Nursing Home Neglect: What Can You Do?

If you suspect mistreatment or neglect of a loved one in a nursing home, you can do something about it. You may be able to talk to your relative and ask if they’re happy with the care they’ve been receiving. However, it may be your relative has dementia, a learning difficulty, or is too frail to understand his or her situation, and you may need to decide for yourself if there is potential neglect and there are grounds for making a negligence claim.

It may be you’ve noticed your loved one has pressure sores, bruises from a fall, seems subdued, or has been given the wrong medication – whatever the cause of your alarm, we are here to help so call us on 0800 988 3674 to discuss your concerns with one of our expert personal injury solicitors.

We provide free and impartial advice to help you decide whether to pursue a claim of compensation against the care home – and will support you at every step of the way if you choose to go ahead with a negligence claim.

Nursing Home Neglect: We Can Help

Negligence claims, especially those involving vulnerable individuals, is a complex area of the law and making a claim may seem daunting. However, our professional personal injury solicitors have the experience and knowledge together with a friendly, sensitive approach to make sure the claims process is straightforward and as stress-free as possible for you and your loved ones.

We will work hard to prove the minimum standards of care expected from the nursing home were not met and that the home was negligent as a result. Whether your relative suffered an injury such as a fracture, pressure sore or head injury, as a result of a care home accident due to negligence, or has been left feeling emotionally affected by the experience, your solicitor will ensure your relative receives the level of compensation they deserve.

We will consult medical experts to assess your relative’s injuries and the right treatment for them as well as decide on any ongoing physical or psychological treatment needs, to ensure the compensation pays for the medical care necessary for a speedy recovery as well as to help your loved one regain their confidence and dignity.

We work closely with police and social services in nursing home negligence claims and will do so if needed in your case.

Whilst it’s undoubtedly a difficult decision to make a claim, it’s important to remember that by doing so you protect not only your relative but others in the future from suffering a similar fate.

With our help, you can help to stop your loved one’s neglect and make a claim for compensation to help him or her recover and to start living their life to the fullest once more – with confidence, happiness and the care they deserve.

For professional, confidential advice regarding your relative and whether you have grounds for making a nursing home negligence claim, please contact our solicitors on 0800 988 3674 or email