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Divorce: Myth V Reality

Divorce is not a word most of us want to have to face, although it needn’t be as scary as it first sounds. Many individuals are unaware of what the divorce process actually entails which can naturally make it seem all the more daunting and is why it’s a good idea to seek professional advice following a separation to find out what your options are.

Every divorce case is unique but our extensive experience has taught us there are some common myths which may deter many people from getting a divorce, even when it is the right decision for them.

Top 5 Divorce Myths

Myth 1: Divorce takes years

Reality: The divorce process is often completed within six months

Provided both you and your spouse are in agreement, co-operate and all the paperwork is completed on time, your divorce should be completed within six months. Furthermore, we will talk you through what’s involved during the process and support you at every stage.

Myth 2: Divorce costs a huge amount

Reality: Divorce doesn’t have to cost a lot

We will provide you with a breakdown of the costs involved, upfront, so you know from the outset how expensive your divorce is likely to be. As we also advise you along the way, should anything change we will notify you straightaway.

Myth 3: Divorce solicitors won’t negotiate for me

Reality: Our divorce solicitors are all trained negotiators

Our solicitors provide a sympathetic, sensitive yet professional approach to the divorce process, and will help you negotiate the best outcome for you. Our negotiation skills enable you to avoid confrontation, speed up the process, and keep costs to a minimum – while securing an amicable outcome for you in the quickest time possible.

Myth 4: Divorce means I have to go to court

Reality: Divorce cases don’t normally end up in court

Most of the time, divorces are completed through the necessary paperwork, without the need for either party to go to court. However, sometimes, if you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement or if you want to formally record an agreement, going to court is in your best interests. Especially where finances and children are involved, it may be necessary to go to court, either for the court to make a decision or to officially record your agreements in order to protect you in the future.

Myth 5: Divorce means I’ll get a financial settlement from my spouse

Reality: Divorce does not mean you’re entitled to a financial settlement

While marriage means both you and your spouse then have a right to claim against the other’s assets and income should you divorce, it does not mean you’ll necessarily be successful. Decisions will be made based on the particular assets and the personal circumstances of those involved.

At Bartletts Solicitors, we have experience of successfully supporting clients through the divorce process, and know that every case is different. This is why we offer a free no-obligation consultation, so if you’re considering starting divorce proceedings or would like professional advice regarding your options, please contact our divorce solicitors on 01244 311 633 or email