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£200,000 compensation for accident at work

Wherever you work, it is the responsibility of your employer to make sure that your working environment is safe.  This duty applies to all areas of your workplace, including vehicles, outbuildings and temporary working areas.  However, if your employer ignores a health and safety concern, an accident at work can be waiting to happen, for which they are responsible.  This is exactly what happened to one woman who came to see Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester

The 26-year-old was busy working in the back of a works trailer.  The floor of the trailer had previously been damaged.  This had been reported to the employer, but had not been repaired.  While working, the claimant foot caught in the trailer bed and the claimant fell out, landing on the claimant’s outstretched arm and wrist.

The claimant was rushed to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital and an x-ray diagnosed a broken wrist.  The claimant subsequently needed seven operations to the wrist, followed by extensive physiotherapy.  Notwithstanding the claimant has been left with permanent damage, with 24 per cent residual disability in the wrist and the chance of early arthritis.

When the claimant came to see Bartletts Solicitors, the claimant was devastated as the claimant had been passionate about the job, but due to the permanent damage to the wrist, was unable to return to work.  The claimant has since retrained and now works in the education sector.

As the claimant had been left with permanent damage to the dominant left hand, our solicitors helped the claimant to get various home aids, including a lightweight hoover and gadgets to open tins, to help make life as normal as possible.

Our expert personal injury solicitors in Chester worked with the woman for seven years and were able to help her every step of the way through her recovery, arranging seven surgeries in that time, as well as physiotherapy to keep her as healthy as possible.

Our solicitors established that the claimant’s employers were liable for the accident and made a claim against them for compensation for personal injuries, compensation for a loss of earnings and pension and compensation for future re-training for an alternative career. 

Bartletts were successful in securing a significant amount of compensation from the employer’s insurance company. 

Our solicitors were also able to secure compensation for private surgery and rehab, care and assistance after each operation and for any future difficulties the claimant may experience.

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