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£6,000 compensation for coffee shop accident

Going out for a coffee is an everyday treat that most people look forward to. For one lady who recently came to see one of our personal injury experts in Chester, sipping into her latte came with a bit of a shock.

The lady had recently retired and was enjoying her newly discovered freedom with her husband in the local branch of a high street coffee chain. She ordered her usual latte which is a hot, milky coffee traditionally served in a tall glass mug instead of a cup and saucer. The latte arrived and as she took her first sip, a chunk of the glass broke off in her mouth.

Luckily, there was no injury to her mouth or lips but as she removed the glass from her mouth it cut her second finger which started bleeding badly. A complaint was made to the staff in the coffee shop at the time, who apologised and offered first aid.

The injury was so serious, that the lady immediately went to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital who treated the lacerated finger by cleaning it and stitching it up. However, after a few days at home the lady was still suffering from ongoing pain and felt that there was something wrong.

It was then that she decided to consult one of Bartletts’ personal injury solicitors. Understanding the discomfort the lady was suffering, our solicitor quickly arranged a private medical examination which revealed that there was still a shard of glass lodged in the finger.

Bartletts submitted a claim on her behalf and established the coffee shop’s liability for the accident. Having negotiated in advance for the medical expenses to be met, the glass was then surgically removed in a private hospital.

Following the operation, the lady was given the prognosis that it would take 18 months for her finger to fully heal and she would continue to feel some ongoing pain in that time.

Bartletts were able to secure £6,000 in compensation for personal injury, from the coffee shop chain on her behalf.