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Bartletts investigate accident claim in nightclub

Plans to dance the night away were ruined for one lady who stood on a wine glass that had been left on the nightclub dance floor.

Causing tremendous pain which left her unable to stand, the wine glass had pierced the lady’s shoe and lodged itself in the sole of her foot. She fell to the floor and was assisted to a medical room by her friends and a bouncer employed by the nightclub.

An ambulance was called and she was taken to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital where the glass was removed and the puncture wound was stitched. Following the treatment the lady was left with a permanent scar on the sole of her foot and an ongoing sensation of pins and needles in two of her toes, a condition known as paraesthesia.

The lady came to see Bartletts Solicitors in Chester for expert advice regarding this personal injury and we immediately contacted the nightclub. The owners of the club initially denied all knowledge of the incident and claimed that they did not serve drinks out of glass vessels in their establishment. They claimed they only used plastic vessels.

Determined to investigate further, our solicitor sent some of the lady’s friends back to the nightclub to gather evidence. They cleverly obtained photographic evidence of glass vessels being served and used in the club and provided witnesses statements.

Faced with the irrefutable evidence, the nightclub’s insurance company eventually settled the lady’s claim and we successfully secured £5,000 for her in compensation for personal injuries.