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Bartletts Solicitors help pensioner thrown to floor on bus

Bartletts personal injury lawyers in Chester recently helped a passenger secure compensation for personal injuries after he was thrown to the floor on a double decker bus.

While there are many rules and regulations for public transport, there are still a number of road traffic accidents that involve buses in the UK each year. In many cases the bus itself may not damaged at all, but passengers can still suffer painful injuries especially if they are standing or there are no seatbelts provided.

This was the case for one 60-year-old retired gentleman who was making a routine local journey on a double decker bus. Suddenly, a van emerged from a side road and caused the bus driver to take evasive action and swerve to avoid hitting the van. The pensioner, who was seated at the time, was thrown forward by the jolt and hit the floor with force.

The gentleman, who was in considerable pain and shock, was taken to the local hospital. He was given a full screening and assessment, and was diagnosed with severe soft tissue strains to his legs, arms and neck. The man was then told he would need a full course of physiotherapy to help him recover his full mobility again.

When the 60-year-old man came to see one of our specialist personal injury lawyers, he was still suffering from insomnia and was now nervous when travelling on a bus. We immediately set out about helping him find a road to recovery. At Bartletts we always pride ourselves on providing a personal service and we were happy to be the main point of contact with the pensioner’s rehabilitation provider to ensure his recovery progressed in the best possible way.

It took nearly two years for the gentleman to recover from all his accident related symptoms, during which time we worked hard to establish his claim for compensation from the bus company’s insurance provider. Once we knew the full extent of his injuries, we successfully secured the correct level of compensation for personal injuries, and negotiated an extra amount to reimburse his travel expenses for medical appointments and physiotherapy sessions.