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Cleaner injured by mop gets compensation

When a cleaning lady was injured by her mop at work, Bartletts Solicitors in Wrexham helped her win the compensation she deserved.

The 21-year-old cleaner was mopping the floor when the mop handle snapped in her hand. Her hand was cut by the broken mop end, leaving her with a deep laceration and bleeding.

She went to the accident and emergency department of her local hospital to have her wound treated. She received stitches to her hand and was in a considerable amount of pain. She was unable to clench her fist for some time after the accident, and was unable to work for some time. After the wound had healed, the lady was left with permanent scarring on her hand and needed a course of physiotherapy to help her regain mobility.

Accidents at work can happen for a variety of reasons but when an accident happens because your equipment lets you down, no matter how small, you will need to establish who is responsible.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure equipment that is provided at work is of a satisfactory standard. This applies wherever you are working, even if you are working remotely.

Our expert personal injury lawyer in Wrexham established that the cleaning lady was covered by her employer’s liability insurance, and quickly helped her secure her claim for compensation. As part of the personal injury settlement, we successfully negotiated compensation for loss of earnings, psychological effects, and medication.

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