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Compensation after head on car collision

When an innocent driver was hit by another car in a head on collision, Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester not only helped her claim personal injury compensation but we also helped her get rehabilitation therapy for the mental trauma she had suffered.

The 50-year-old woman was driving her car down a main road, within the 50 mph limit, when an oncoming vehicle veered across the road and collided with her head on. The oncoming car hit the woman’s vehicle with such force that her car rolled over three times and then struck a tree.

An ambulance was called to incident, where the woman was suffering from terrible pain throughout her body. She was rushed to the local hospital, where she was examined and treated for severe soft tissue sprains to her knee, back, neck and right foot. The woman was given an MRI scan to her right shoulder to exclude the possibility of a rotator cuff tear. She also had an x-ray taken of her right foot to make sure she had not suffered any fractures.

The accident seriously affected the lady, for some time after. Not only was she left with a permanent scar to her forehead, but she was also in a severe state of shock for some time after the accident. We arranged for her to receive cognitive behavioral therapy to try and come to terms with the accident.

When the lady came to see one of Bartletts experienced personal injury solicitors, we understood how difficult is to recover from an accident like this and quickly got to work to get her the compensation she deserved. We carefully investigated the accident and successfully won compensation for personal injuries, medical treatment and rehabilitation, and travelling expenses.

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