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Compensation from council for damp related illness and damages

When a council tenant started suffering from illness caused by damp living conditions, Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester helped her claim compensation from the council.

The 54-year-old lady had been living in the council owned property for over 15 years. During this time the property fell into disrepair due to lack of maintenance by the council. The lady reported the problems to the council many times, but her requests were ignored. She had been left to endure living conditions with significant penetrating damp around the house.

The poor conditions of her accommodation had exacerbated the woman’s asthma and caused her to have a number of chest infections. To treat the illness, the lady was given antibiotics and inhalers by her GP and also had to self-medicate.

The lady came to see Bartletts experienced personal injury solicitors in Chester to help her to get the council to carry out repairs at the property.  Our personal injury lawyers arranged for a surveyor to inspect the house and issues of penetrating dampness were found.

Bartletts successfully made a claim against the council for compensation for personal injury and compensation for damages to property and the cost of repairs. The claim also made the council inspect the property more thoroughly and undertake work to make it more habitable. As the surveyor also found evidence of condensation dampness in the property, the woman was referred to social schemes to help with living choices and how to make the house less susceptible to condensation problems.