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Compensation from council for pensioner’s fall at a reported hazard

When you report a public safety hazard to the council, you would expect steps to be taken to rectify the problem. When a pensioner who did just that was injured by the same hazard herself, Bartletts helped her secure the compensation that she deserved.

The 80-year-old lady spotted that a neighbouring mesh fence had blown down leaving the mesh strewn on the pavement, posing a potential danger to pedestrians. As a responsible citizen, the lady telephoned the council who were responsible for the property and reported the problem on their repair line.

A week later, the lady was walking along the same stretch of pavement when her foot got tangled in some loose mesh and she fell over. She fractured one of her fingers and was bruised and shocked. The lady was taken to hospital by ambulance where her finger was put in a splint.

When the lady came to see one of our specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester she had been in considerable pain for a number of weeks. Her pre-existing arthritis meant that when the fracture healed, her finger had remained permanently crooked. She had been unable to use her left hand and her sister-in-law had been caring for her.

When our experienced lawyer contacted the council they initially denied that the problem had been reported. We proved that it had by providing copy of the lady’s telephone bill, and established that the council had failed in its public liability duty by not taking any action. Bartletts successfully secured compensation for personal injuries and care expenses on the lady’s behalf.