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Compensation For Cyclist

When an experienced cyclist suffered immobilising injuries in a road accident, Bartletts personal injury solicitors helped him win the compensation he deserved.

The 27-year-old cyclist was enjoying a leisurely cycle along on his way to his weekly cricket match. As he made his decent down a hill, he noticed a stationary taxi in the middle of the road, indicating to turn right into a car park. As there was room on the nearside, between the taxi and the pavement, the cyclist continued to attempt to pass.

Unexpectedly, the passenger door of the taxi opened straight into the path of the cyclist. The passenger in the taxi had grown impatient of the traffic and had decided to alight. The cyclist’s bicycle collided at speed into the door and the cyclist was catapulted over the handlebars. Landing on the road, the cyclist suffered a dislocated shoulder, broken elbow and broken wrist.

He was taken to the local hospital by ambulance where he received surgery to realign the bones in his shoulder and elbow. In order for the bones to realign correctly both his arms were set in plaster and pinned, leaving him unable to move them.

When he came to see one of our specialist personal injury lawyers, the cyclist, who had only be married a month before the accident, was being cared for around the clock by his mother and new wife. He was unable to return to work until bones had fused and the pins could be removed. He would also need ongoing physiotherapy to help mobilise his arms and shoulder.

Our experienced personal injury solicitor skillfully established that the taxi driver carried most of the responsibility for the accident, as he should have kept the doors locked when driving to prevent the impatient passenger from opening the door.

Bartletts successfully negotiated a settlement of his claim for compensation for personal injuries including a substantial element for care and assistance.