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Compensation for day tripper

When a lady was injured on a trip to a historic monument, Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester were able to help her get back on her feet with the compensation she deserved.

The 62-year-old lady was visiting Chester on a day out when she tripped and fell on a slippery, moss covered flagstone at one of the city’s popular historic sites. Her fall caused a fracture to her hip and she needed an ambulance to take her to the local hospital. She received a hip replacement operation and needed to stay in hospital for five days for recovery and recuperation.

While she was in hospital, her husband came to see one of our expert personal injury lawyers for advice. We quickly established that the lady had a personal injury claim and were able to put the wheels in motion.

Her husband had taken up residence in a local bed and breakfast while his wife was in hospital in order to be at hand. The couple had only planned to visit Chester for the day and had not brought any clothes and provisions for such an extended stay.

Following the accident, the lady needed to use a zimmer frame for more than two months to enable her to move around, and after that she required the aid of a walking stick and her hip permanently ached. Doctors advised that she would need a hip implant in 15 years time because of the accident.

Bartletts experienced personal injury solicitors worked tirelessly, gathering statements from the paramedics and witnesses to prove that the grounds of the historic monument had not been adequately maintained for the safety of visitors.

We successfully secured compensation for personal injuries from the insurance company of the historic site. This comprised of compensation for pain and suffering, care and assistance, loss of enjoyment of the holiday and additional expenses incurred from the extended stay in Chester including accommodation, food and clothing.