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Compensation for allergic reaction to false eyelash fitting

A trip to the beautician is supposed to leave you looking and feeling good, but if something goes wrong the experienced personal injury lawyers at Bartletts Solicitors in Chester can help. We recently won compensation for a lady who had suffered an allergic reaction following a treatment at her local beauty parlour.

The 22-year-old sales assistant had made an appointment at a local beautician to have false eyelashes applied for the first time. When she arrived, she was taken straight into a cubicle and the procedure was carried out to fix the false lashes with specialist glue to the base of her lashes.

The young woman went home, but by the next day her eyelids were red, swollen and sore. She had suffered an allergic reaction to the glue used to fix the lashes. She returned to the beauticians to have the false eyelashes removed and went to see her GP for medical treatment. The doctor told her she had not only suffered an allergic reaction but she had also developed conjunctivitis in both eyes. She was prescribed eye ointment to ease her symptoms.

When the young lady came to see one of our specialist personal injury solicitors in Chester she was in a great deal of discomfort. Our tenacious lawyer tracked down the beautician, who had left the salon, through a social networking site. We quickly established that no patch test had been carried out before the eyelashes were fitted and secured compensation for personal injuries from the beauty parlour’s insurance company.