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Compensation for child injured at airport play area

When a young child was injured in a play area at a major airport, the family turned to Bartlett’s personal injury solicitors in Wrexham to help him get the compensation he deserved.

The four-year-old boy was waiting with his family, in one of the airport’s departure areas for the flight to their holiday destination to be announced, when the accident happened.

As there was plenty of time to spare before the flight, his parents sent him into the play area which appeared to have colourful soft matting on the floor. A few moments later, the little boy fell over and landed on the floor and started crying. His parents immediately ran over to him and tended his bleeding lip. The airport’s first aid response team were called, and they examined him and administered first aid on the scene. He had suffered bruising to his face and a swollen, cut lip but thankfully did not need any further treatment.

The little boy’s parents went back to examine the floor surface of the play area and were shocked to find that it was made of colourful solid ceramic floor tiles that looked like soft matting.

When they came to see one of Bartlett's experienced personal injury lawyers in Wrexham, they were keen to ensure that other children did not get hurt in the same way as their son. Our specialist solicitors contacted the airport authority on the basis that the flooring material was unsuitable for a children’s play area and was misleading to the public.

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