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Compensation for lost finger in faulty machine

It is every employer’s responsibility to ensure that their staff are safe in the workplace, especially when it comes to dangerous machinery. So when a production operative was injured at work by a faulty machine, Bartletts expert personal injury lawyers in Wrexham quickly helped him secure the compensation he deserved.

The 40-year-old man was operating a printing machine, which he did every day as part of his job. However, the guard on the printing machine was broken and his hand became trapped. The man was in incredible pain, his hand being so badly crushed that he had lost the top half of his index finger on his left hand.

He was immediately taken to the accident and emergency department at his local hospital. He received surgery to his amputated finger, which could not be saved above the knuckle.

Not only was he unable to work after the accident, but he also required help with everyday chores while he recovered. He was left with ongoing difficulty gripping and the loss of his finger damaged his confidence.

When the gentleman came to see one of our specialist personal injury solicitors, he told us of the ongoing pain that he was suffering from. We quickly got to work on his case and discovered the employers knew that the guard was broken and had failed to address the issue. As a result, we successfully secured an advantageous settlement for personal injury, and compensation for loss of earnings, from the employers insurance company.