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Compensation For Occupational Dermatitis

Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Chester recently secured compensation for a lady who had suffered occupational dermatitis in the course of her employment as an industrial cleaner.

The Lady, who was in her 40s, had previously been a domestic cleaner for many years. When she took up a new position in a fabrication plant, she was not given any protective equipment, formal training or warned of the hazardous nature of the industrial solvents as is required under health and safety legislation. So she carried on wearing normal, domestic rubber gloves when she was working.

After six months in this new position she began to suffer from a skin irritation on her hands. They were red, itchy and irritated with flaky skin. The skin condition soon spread to larger areas of her body, making her extremely uncomfortable, so she went to see her GP. The GP diagnosed her with occupational dermatitis from prolonged exposure to a form of cleaning solution at work, prescribed an emollient cream and advised her to avoid further contact with the irritant.

When she came to see one of Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors, the lady had been forced to resign from her position as she could not continue to be exposed to the solvents.

Our experienced personal injury lawyer contacted her employer and quickly established that there had been a breach of duty of care. We commissioned a dermatologists report that confirmed the diagnosis of occupational dermatitis from exposure to the cleaning solution. It turned out that the lady was predisposed to this kind of allergic reaction, but nevertheless her rubber gloves were inadequate protection against the industrial cleaning solvents.

With our help, the lady successfully won her claim for breach of duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Regulations. We negotiated compensation for personal injuries suffered during the course of her employment.