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Compensation from local authority for child injured in park

When a young child was injured due to badly maintained playground equipment, Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Wrexham helped him get the compensation he deserved from the local authority.

The five-year-old boy was enjoying a well-deserved play in his local park after school, with his parents close by to supervise. He was swinging on the swing, when the seat unexpectedly gave way. He fell to the ground with great force, and was in considerable pain.

The little boy was taken to the accident and emergency department of his local hospital where he was examined and x-rayed. He was diagnosed with a broken ankle and needed to have a plaster cast fitted to provide support for healing.

His broken ankle took nearly six months to recover, during which time he had restricted mobility in his everyday activities and was in a lot of pain. He was also unable to do many of the things he enjoyed like going swimming.

 When the schoolboy’s parents decided to investigate what had happened at the playground, they turned to Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Wrexham for help. We made enquiries with the local authority who could not provide any evidence that the park had been properly maintained. They should have regularly inspected the park to assess public safety risks and repaired any dangerous equipment.

Bartletts secured a considerable sum of compensation for personal injuries on the boy’s behalf, which was to be held and invested by the court until he is 18 years old.