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Compensation for loss of holiday enjoyment from employer

When a factory worker broke his elbow in an accident at work, ruining the enjoyment of his holiday, Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Wrexham helped him to win the compensation he deserved.

The 30-year-old factory worker was busy at work when he slipped on some liquid that had been spilled on the floor.  As the liquid was clear, the man had not noticed it, and there were no wet floor signs to warn of the potential hazard.  The man fell to the floor, landing on his arm.

He was rushed to the accident and emergency department of his local hospital where he was assessed and given an MRI scan.  The scan revealed that his elbow was broken and he was treated accordingly, including extensive physiotherapy.  He also needed cognitive behavioural therapy treatment to help him to overcome accident related anxiety.

When he came to see Bartletts expert personal injury solicitors in Wrexham, the man had been unable to work for some time and was still suffering from ongoing symptoms of the injury.  The accident had also ruined a holiday he had been on as his broken elbow had stopped him for being able to fully enjoy a number of activities.

A slip or trip accident can happen anywhere, but if it happens at work your employer could be held responsible.  Wherever you are working, your employer has a duty of care to ensure your work environment is safe.  Accidents at work can happen for a variety of reasons, but when health and safety procedure is not correctly followed, you may be in a position to make a claim for compensation.

Our expert personal injury solicitors in Wrexham established that the man’s employer had failed to ensure health and safety procedures were followed properly and made a claim against the employers insurance.  We successfully negotiated compensation for personal injury, loss of earnings, care and assistance and loss of enjoyment of a holiday.