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Compensation for slipping on a mossy step

When a wedding guest slipped over outside a church and was injured, Bartletts Solicitors helped him win compensation and get him back on her feet.

The 65-year-old man was attending a family wedding at the church. It had been raining on the morning of the wedding and the steps of the church, which were covered in moss, were still wet. The wedding group came out of the church to stand on the front step for photos. The gentleman lost his footing and slipped on the wet, mossy step and fell.

The gentleman put out his hand to stop his fall, and landed on his hip. She was in a considerable amount of pain and was taken to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital by another wedding guest. He was diagnosed with a sprain to his wrist and injuries to his hip. Subsequently he was administered steroid injections to ease the swelling and pain.

The fall was captured on video camera by the wedding photographer, who happened to be taking a video at the time. The footage clearly showed the gentleman slipping on the moss on the step. Bartletts specialist personal injury lawyer was able to use this video footage as evidence in the claim.

When he came to see one of our expert personal injury lawyers in Chester, the lady was still in a lot of pain and was continuing to receive steroid injections as part of his rehabilitation. He was unsure who was responsible for the accident. We helped him make a claim for personal injury compensation under their public liability insurance from the church’s insurance company.

We successfully secured compensation for personal injuries and compensation for clothing damage to his wedding suit, as well as reimbursement of his medical costs.